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TFS Integration with Loupe Server

Thanks for the excellent webinar yesterday. As you suggested I'm posting the integration as feature requests so they can be voted on.



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Presently we are on 2015 with plans to go to VSTS

We haven't made significant progress on this; several of our on-prem customers have done their own implementations based on our sample code on GitHub for generic defect tracking integration but we haven't generalized it.  But, we still want to do this - along with integrating with support systems as that has come up with several customers and their use cases make a lot of sense.  

I wonder if we should first create an open source extension as pat of our samples library as a good starting point for folks..

What version of TFS are you looking to integrate with?

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Is there a plan to have this added as an extension? Is there any documentation or help we could have setting up an extension to add a Bug to TFS when an Issue is created?

We are presently on premise

Visual Studio Online for us. They have a pretty cool extensions feature now. I think there could be a pretty tight integration. You can actually change the UI for VS Online.

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Latest TFS self hosted for us.

Thanks folks, a question - 

1. Are folks looking at Visual Studio Online or just self-hosted TFS?

2. What's the oldest version of TFS you think we need to support?

Obviously the more we can narrow it down ("Just VS Online" or "Just TFS latest version self hosted", etc.) the easier it is to take on a feature like this.

I second this please!

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