Loupe 3.6 Now Available

We've shipped Loupe version 3.6 - 

Sure, it includes over 20 defect fixes but more than that a few great new features like:

  • New Issue Management Dashboard: A quick way to find the key issues and events for each phase of your development project.  Read Manage Events in Development, QA, and Production with Ease to dive deeper.
  • New way to View Massive Logs: When you have a multi-million message log file you still need to be able to view it, now made a lot easier.  Check out View Massive Logs for the full scoop.
  • Enterprise Edition: You can now supersize your Loupe server installation with clustering and other scale-up features with our new Enterprise edition.  For a comparison of features, seeEditions Comparison.
  • Server Scalability Upgrades: To support our largest customers we’ve made performance enhancements throughout Server including making the web UI snappier and handling massive volumes on a single server.

So why wait?  You can:

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