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Add session property during runtime

Is it possible to add a new session property during runtime? We would like to add licensing information to the Custom Properties for the session, however this information isn't available when the logging session is first started.

Is there any mechanism for adding properties after initialisation so that they are saved to the log file?



The current version of Loupe doesn't allow anything to be changed in the session properties once the logging system has been initialized unfortunately.  This is a frequent request so we intend to figure out a way to address it in Loupe 4.0.

As a workaround in the short term there are a few options:

1. Save off the licensing information from a previous run so you can throw it in on the next run during initialization.

2. Record it as a log message then write an Add In to extract it at runtime and provide your own ability to search/filter on it. 

Are you using Loupe Server?  If so, are you using our SaaS or your own private server?

Thank you for the quick response. I suspected that that was the case but thought it was worth asking! We have gone down the route of custom metrics that are populated at startup.

I realise it is a difficult question but I don't suppose there is any kind of public roadmap for features in Loupe with targeted release dates? More for our own interest really.

We're not using Server at the moment, I have only been investigating Loupe for the past day or so but I am definitely sold on the logging and metrics capabilities. I want to evaluate how we actually use the logs before we go down the route of integrating with the server. We're a small company and unfortunately have a limited budget! We have to be able to make a very strong business case for things.

Where is the best place to make feature requests by the way? In the request forum or directly to support? We could really do with some improvements to the Live Viewer to bring it up to par with what we've used previously.



Thank you for the thoughtful request.  We, like most commercial companies, are reluctant to talk too much about roadmap because it's volatile.  We frequently revise what we're doing based on specific customer requests & targets of opportunity.  I'd say each release has perhaps 50% stuff we want to do strategically for the product and 50% user requests that we could meet in a reasonable level of effort.

I'd encourage folks to add feature requests in these forums because we're use that to look at feature voting and will mark them as we progress through the development pipeline.

We try to talk as much as we can about what we're developing on the blog, you can see a fair bit about Loupe 3.8 (the next release) here:

And specifically this post:

I'll talk with the team and see what we can do to be more public in the right places about the roadmap.  Meanwhile, I'd highly recommend you add a feature request for what you'd like to see improved in Live Viewer and highlight areas where we're falling short of your expectations; that's quite motivating for the team!

Thanks Kendall, I have just created a new topic in the Feature Request forum. The biggest thing we're missing is being able to filter in the Live Viewer. We use a live logging tool (Log4View) extensively during development of our software so that we can trace the code flow as we go through certain routines, and whilst Loupe will make customer diagnostics a lot simpler, it doesn't quite tick the box for our development process yet.

I had been having a look at the features announced for 3.8 which is why I was wondering if there was any other information about version 4. I certainly appreciate that a lot of development doesn't always follow a roadmap, we have the same issues and we're always reluctant to publish any timing information!

One other thing that I would find interesting is perhaps a series of blog posts or chapters in the documentation about implementing a CEIP, you could use Loupe Desktop as a case study. I would expect it to go in to technical detail at the code level so it could be used as an example of how to track customer usage patterns.

I have been having a look at the values recorded by Loupe for example and I would find it interesting to know what influenced the metrics you store and then how you actually use them to guide the development process.

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