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Flag a log message (or metric) as anonymous

We currently have the "EnableAnonymousMode" in the Publisher configuration, it would be great if there was an overload of Log.Write that would take a parameter indicating whether the log message was classified as anonymous or public.

Under certain circumstances we actually want to log personal information, however this isn't compatible with an anonymous CEIP or similar.

It would be useful if the "personal" log messages could be automatically ignored, or potentially a filtered log produced on demand that had any personal logs or metrics stripped from it.

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+1 me for this! I was just looking for this functionality. Some sort of LogIf that would filter out these entries when AnonymousMode is enabled.

Unless I'm mistaken, aside from the Initializing event, it's currently not possible to access the PublisherConfiguration at runtime. For now, I will store the anon mode in my settings class at ini and write a static LogIf method.

This is a great idea.  One thought I have (and it's a hack) is that you could look at the Log.SessionSummary object's user information or even command line to see if anonymous is enabled (because the summary object will reflect the anonymized values.  But man, that's a hack that relies on side-effects.  Exposing this config element is better so if nothing else you could write an extension method to automatically take it into account.

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