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Grouping sessions by user error

It would be nice, if it was somehow possible, to group sessions by user error. Loupe flags sessions which contain a warning, error or fatal. Loupe makes it easy to filter a collection of sessions by these flags. In some of our applications, we register user errors as warnings. When we analyze the logs from these applications, the sessions containing warnings are analyzed in the attempt to improve the user experience. However, there are a lot of other types of log events that is registered as warnings. It's time-consuming, manually reviewing the sessions containing warnings. 

Adding a new severity level called "UserError" would solve the issue.

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If custom properties can be searched/filtered in the Loupe desktop, it would be possible to implement a function that flags the session with a custom property that indicates that it contains user errors.

Are you doing this analysis in Loupe Desktop or on Loupe Server (using the web UI)? 

The analysis is done using the Loupe Desktop.

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