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Need VistaDB Data Builder Table Definition Copy To Clipboard

I would like to be able to copy the definition of a table or its creation script to the clipboard. I have tried this by opening the Tables node in VistaDB Data Builder, right clicking one of my tables, selecting "Copy Table Schema".  After doing this I am presented with a dialog box titled "Copy Table Schema - My Table Name.  This window does not show me how to get the schema into the clipboard or saved to a file name of my choosing.  At the very least I would have thought it would show a script which could be used to create the table in a memo edit box but I see no such data.  I see a "Save Table Structure" icon at the top but all that does is close the window giving me no clue as to whether a copy of the table structure was placed somewhere.

Maybe I am missing something here.  What do I need to do to get a copy of the table structure create command that can be used to create the table into the clipboard? I am looking for the copy to delivery content such as the following:

CREATE TABLE dbo.Products
ProductName varchar(25) NOT NULL,
Price money NULL,
ProductDescription text NULL)

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The Copy Table Schema feature copies the schema from an existing table and allows you to create a new table (by changing the table name at the top) with the same schema, optionally after making changes.  You'll recognize that same table/column creation GUI is used by the NewTable, Alter Table, and Add New Column menu actions.  The floppy-disc icon for Save Table Structure saves (applies) the changes.

Current support for generating creation scripts from existing tables is limited--although that's an area we are looking at improving in the future.  There is a feature under SQL Script --> Generate SQL Script which will generate a schema creation script for all tables in the database and save it to a file.  You can then open the file with File --> Open SQL Query or with the corresponding toolbar icon (or in another editor) and select the portion you want and copy it into the clipboard--for example, in order to paste it into SSMS to create a matching schema in a SQL Server database.

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