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folder="${specialfolder:folder=CommonAppDataFolder}\Company\Logs" />


Does anybody know how to use a CommonAppDataFolder in the <sessionFile folder =""/>

i have tried with:

<sessionFile maxLocalFileAge="28" folder="${specialfolder:folder=CommonAppDataFolder}\Company\Logs" />

But does not start. If i hardcode the location it works.

But as hyou could image, dynamic is better :-)

Environment aliases aren't supported in that field, although you might be able to get %APPDATA% to work.  Now, if you're not calling from a web application you can use the Log.Initializing event to get an event during initialization and in turn provide it a calculated value using the .NET Environment class to get the special folder you want.

Also, a feature request to be able to specify a special folder would be a great addition over in the Feature Requests area!

Thanks. Using the Log.Initializing seams to be the best.

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