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Please use a different application icon for Loupe Viewer vs Loupe Desktop

I have both running in the tray and have to hover to see which is which... perhaps they were not supposed to be used simultaneously...

Any little visual difference would do... for example changing the orange dot for a blue dot? You know blue, like in blviewer :)

See my awesome image editing skills attached.


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That's a great idea, we'll see what we can do.

We've published Loupe Viewer 4.1.25 with this change.

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Looks great on the live viewer. Thanks!  I'm guessing this will be also available in the next desktop version? BTW For some time now the Desktop updater shows this error.


Ah, that would be residue of a change on our end I suspect. 

The Live Viewer now has a different color icon that Loupe Desktop so LD will keep it's orange one and now you can tell if you have both which is which.

OK, we've found where our overly clever new AngularJS routing was trapping .INI files and that's fixed; you should be able to check for updates to your heart's content.

I meant the LD 'Live View', but somehow only LD goes to the tray area. I remember both being in the tray. Weird...

Update check now works! I can finally appease my OCD. Thanks :P

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