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Improvements to live log view

Loupe Desktop is a great application and helps us hugely to identify problems with our installed software. It would be great if it was possible to set up multiple filters to limit the messages that are displayed. In addition or alternatively it would be useful to be able to highlight messages matching some criteria (similar to what's available in DebugView).

Loupe Desktop's session viewer has a two-tiered filter structure currently - one done by the items you select in the tree views for classes & categories and another that supplements it done in the grid itself; what are you looking for from multiple filters more specifically?

Peter had replied by email with a clarification a while ago, but that doesn't automatically post to the thread.

Here's what he said:

Hi Kendall,

I talking specifically about the “Live View” of a live process. As far as I’m aware it only offers the capability to filter by category of message, and when search is used it filters out non-matching messages (i.e. “content” filter). So it’s not possible for example to have multiple content filters, and there’s no capability to highlight matching messages (i.e. while still displaying all non-filtered messages, which is more how search works in the historic session viewer).



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