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SessionSummary Modification

Currently the SessionSummary is read-only. I wish there was a way we could modify its properties. Perhaps an OnCreateSessionSummary event where we could parse/replace the values gathered by Loupe?

Our principal need for this feature is to avoid a potential confidentiality/security problem. Our application supports several command line switches, amongst many is the popular auto-login. A user would provide plain text credentials at command line/shortcut. Usage:

myapp.exe -login username -password pw

With Loupe in non-anonymous mode, this would log the user’s password in the SessionSummary.CommandLine property. We would like to parse and replace the password with an harmless replacement string ex: *****.

Until the SessionSummary is modifiable, as suggested by Kendall, we have switched to full anonymous mode which blanks the CommandLine property.



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