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Notification Emails not being sent

I have verified our mail server settings are correct and I've setup Notification rules but no emails are going out. The rules are setup to send if any Critical or Error messages occur and I can see in the Loupe logs that errors have occurred.

I can send a test email just fine so it seems to be Loupe just not sending the emails or not being able to send them.

Is there someplace to see the email attempts logged within Loupe someplace?

Thanks for the info.  

I'm a bit confused on all of this. I want to configure the Loupe server to send emails when it gets new events of certain types. Isn't all of that configured on the Loupe server? I didn't write this code I'm just trying to manage the logs. 

The Loupe server has SMTP server settings, it has Notification rules that can be and are setup. Shouldn't it be sending emails regardless of whether the code has anything about emails in it? 

Hi Jon - FYI this is a great thing to just open up a support ticket for help on.  That said, most likely you're running into an authentication issue.  When you use Loupe Server Administrator to configure email it is still running as a user, and those credentials do get silently passed along to the other end whereas when running as the service it would use the server credentials.

You can use Loupe Desktop on the server to view the log for the Loupe Server Service where it will record any details of a problem sending. 

Additionally, be sure the Windows Service is actually running; all notifications are generated through that service and it has to be able to run both to do the session analysis that finds data for alerts and then send those on to email.

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