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Issue Links

Could the Issue Links be extended to include more than one variable. This would allow more complex links to be added/utilized.

Example: Team Foundation requires a minimum of 3 variables to ensure that an item is linked correctly you need to have the project collection, project  and the work item number.

Example VSTS  https://fabrikam/DefaultCollection/Phone%20Saver/_workitems/edit/133

Project Collection = "DefaultCollection"

Project = Phone%20Saver

Work Item = 133

string format for url:


That's an interesting example.  We'd need some way to help prompt for those items on the merge as well, but I see the value.

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In it's current state we are going to have to add a link template for each project over 100, in TFS. We have more than a dropdown will handle and make the UX usable.

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